Dominic Beaudoin



Since childhood, rather shy and reserved, Dominic watched and listened. Art and music soon became a way for him to express himself, to exteriorize his observations, to tell the stories he heard. Alone in his corner, he was never bored as long as he had with him a sheet of paper and pencils or a musical instrument.

In high school, in order to satisfy his curiosity for computer science and to develop his theoretical learning of music, he reluctantly relinquishes drawing for some time. A few years later, through video games, bulletin boards and websites, visual art will soon be resurfacing in digital form through graphic design. Now back in Montreal, his hometown, Dominic Beaudoin aspires to become a full-time independent artist. He explores traditional art in all its forms and specializes in acrylic painting, digital painting, and pixel art. In his art are explored themes inspired by nature, video games, and movies (Science Fiction, adventure, action, and horror), and sometimes deeply influenced by his lucid dreams.


Artist Statement

20180506_champ-et- grange_750px.png

Dominic is a self-taught traditional and digital artist currently specializing in majestic acrylic painting landscapes with a touch of realism.

Inspired by lucious nature scenes wherever he goes, Dominic brings us along the journey by opening a window right into the canvas. In this busy world, people tend to overlook the beauty all around them; his art is meant to bring nature's grandiose visual offerings right at their doorstep.

Dominic currently paints from his hometown in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and aspires to do art full-time.