Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is Dominic Beaudoin?
Dominic Beaudoin is a self-taught independent artist from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, who aspires to become a full-time artist. While continually learning, he is currently building his portfolio and developing a website while growing his social media presence.

Q: I do web design, do you need my services?
Not at this time, thanks.

Q: Do you take custom orders/commissions?
Yes! If you are looking for something special, please use the contact form and I am sure we can find something we're both happy with!

Q: What are your favorite art mediums?
Acrylic paints, digital painting using a drawing tablet in Photoshop, pixel art. I also enjoy sketching using graphite pencils on paper.

Q: I want to do art. Where should I start?
The best way to become good at anything is to do it often. It is said that to master a subject, we need about 10,000 hours of deliberate practice. All you really need to start drawing is a pen or pencil and a sheet of paper. Find a subject you like and go from there. Watch how-to and tutorial videos, find artist friends and draw together.

If you are serious about becoming good at drawing or art, you will definitely want to get a sketchbook. Give yourself the permission to make "bad art", fail often but be persistent. Learn about fundamentals like shape and form, proportions, light and shadow, color theory, perspective, composition, anatomy, rendering. Once you start to get the hang of, it focus on things or subjects you have difficulty with; study them until they are no longer your weakest link and move on to your next difficulty. By doing this you will grow in leaps and bounds.